The Council

This section of the website describes Hankerton Parish Council: meetings, members and responsibilities, its ways of working and finances.

Hankerton Parish Council meets every two months from January onwards on the first or second Monday of the month at 7.30pm. Meetings take place in the North Aisle Community Area in Hankerton Church.

2022 meetings: 16 May, 4 July, 6 September, 7 November.   

Meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend. The public can raise items directly at the meeting under item 2, Public Questions/Receipt of Petitions. No prior notification needs to be given.

There are seven places on the council. The current members were elected in May 2021 or have been co-opted since then:
Robin Tjolle
Dai Davies
Piers Johansen
Jacqui Erskine-Crum
Richard Barrow
Jas Moorley
Kate Nurden
More details are available on the profile page

Michael Bromley Gardner is the Parish Clerk.  Contact him on .

Members hold the responsibilities below; the parish council will decide who holds what at its Annual Meeting in May, and you can find the decision in the May Minutes:

Area Board
Community Emergency Volunteer/Winter Plan –  Hankerton Community Resilience Plan
Information Co-ordination
Patients Group
Flood Prevention

Occasionally vacancies arise and these are announced on the Parish noticeboard. There will not be an election to fill the vacancy unless 10 electors tell Wiltshire Council that they want one within a timescale laid down at the time. If there is not an election then the vacancy will be filled by co-option – this means the current Parish Council will appoint someone. The Parish Council will usually wish to find a volunteer.